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The great thing about BaByliss shaver and other grooming products from BaByliss is that they have a great selection of shavers, clippers, trimmers, and more that will easily fit into your active lifestyle; thanks to more than 50 years of experience producing innovative products that inspire the creativity not only of professional hairdressers and barbers but also that of the individuals as well. Men who really take time to find the best tools to make them look good, fresh, dashing, and clean deserve only the best grooming products.

The BaByliss shaver comes in single and double foil versions that are designed to give you the closest shave possible. You can use it every day without applying oils or creams on your skin, especially if you’re in a rush. But if you have the luxury of time, use a pre-shave product before shaving. Pros usually prep the skin before shaving by wetting the skin and beard to soften it; some even use warm water and a flannel to cover the beard or the face area. This step opens your pores, rids your face of any oil, and softens the beard for easy shaving.

What’s Your Shaver?

As mentioned, BaByliss shaver has two different product versions: single foil and double foil. These versions come in many variants too!

Single foil shavers give you the closest and a high level of precision you need for trimming sideburns and moustaches. What’s more, the foil is designed to cut thick or thin hair in just one pass. Plus, the foils that we use for our single foil shavers are all hypoallergenic. The units come with different high-speed rotary engines for a quick, smooth shave. Double foil shavers are perfect finishing tools that give maximum coverage. The units still come with hypoallergenic foils to minimise allergic reactions and are also available in different high-speed rotary engines.

Choose the foil shaver that’s perfect for your lifestyle. Foil shavers are perfect for the average user, infrequent shavers, and those with sensitive skin.

Shaving with Foil Shavers

After preparing your skin for a shave, you can start moving the shaver in short, slow strokes. Remember to move the shaver in straight lines—up and down, or left to right. Using foil shavers allows you to shave against the grain comfortably (unlike when using the usual razor) as the micro-foil aligns the skin without feeling the shift of skin. It also lets the foil shaver work best as it is able to give you the closest shave possible.

Start shaving the most sensitive areas first, like your neck, by holding the shaver at a right angle to the skin. Never try to shave in a circular motion while using a foil shaver. They’re not designed to shave in circular patterns like the rotary shavers. For a better shave, you may want to gently pull your skin for a tighter and smoother surface. This will help short, low-lying hairs stand more upright as the shaving head glides over and cuts them easily.

Why Go for BaByliss?

BaByliss knows hair. From its Parisian roots where the first-ever curling tong was innovated for hairstylists to the latest, cutting-edge technology they use to produce the best, high-performance professional styling tools, it has become the choice of styling and grooming experts to help them create and achieve the look customers love. It’s even been said that you won’t find a household in France without one BaByliss product.

The line of grooming products from BaByliss is a treasure for professionals. Find premium quality hair clippers, beard trimmers, foil shavers, multi-groomers, and many more to complete your arsenal of grooming products for your business. Or, if you’re the daring type who knows what look he wants to create, find the best styling tools in Alpha Hair Clinic’s BaByliss Shaver Shop.

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