BaByliss Clippers

BaByliss Clippers


BaByliss clippers are trusted by skilled barbers and stylists, and even pet groomers, to deliver the greatest results. And many casual users who have heard about the brand from experts who vetted it agree. Naturally, once these casual users start using them for grooming and self-styling, their reviews only serve to support the professionals’ preference for BaByliss clippers and other grooming products. Numerous professional stylists and barbers have benefited immensely from the brand’s wide selection of cutting and grooming products, saying that they’re a wide investment indeed. The use of the right BaByliss tools has encouraged many, both casual users and professionals, to have the courage to be creative and achieve their desired look.

BaByliss is known for producing high-end grooming tools for professionals and has more than 50 years of experience innovating cutting-edge products that have assisted countless of experts in styling and grooming their clients so they can look their best and feel great about themselves. In addition to other BaByliss goods like trimmers and clipper sprays, Alpha Hair Clinic is simply thrilled to have BaByliss clippers among its initial offerings. Whether you’re an expert stylist or barber or just the kind who wants to handle his own grooming with the best tools available, there will always be BaByliss product that’s right up your alley. Keep a look out as we continue to add the best from BaByliss to our BaByliss Shaver Shop.

The BaByliss Clippers

There are many BaByliss clippers to choose from, and that means there’s a BaByliss clipper for you! For those who want value for their money, you can go for a BaByliss Pro RoseFX or a BaByliss Pro GoldFX. If you’re on a tight budget, opt for a BaByliss Pro SilverFX. These clippers have their own unique advantages and we’ll try to enumerate them below.

The BaByliss Pro RoseFX. This is a wise investment indeed for professionals who want the best tools for their barbershop or styling salon. Like all BaByliss Pro clippers, the BaByliss Pro RoseFX features stainless steel blades for enhanced durability, a barbell grip for better control and usability, a Ferrari-inspired motor that is both strong and brushless for incredibly close and precise cuts, and a powerful Lithium-ion battery that has a 2-hour run time. It has a hanging hook and a taper lever that’s perfect for your barbershop or salon.

The BaByliss Pro GoldFX. Another option for your investment. Looks very premium with its luxurious gold colour. It has a durable metal housing and long-lasting, versatile blades, a powerful motor that’s Ferrari-designed, a Lithium-ion battery that provides you up to 2 hours of cordless use, and a barbell grip for better handling and usability.

The BaByliss Pro SilverFX. This clipper is more affordable than most of the BaByliss FX clippers and sports the same design, guard combs, accessories, and blade replacements. While silver as a colour doesn’t really deliver that premium feel and luxurious look, the functionality of the clipper is on a par with the rest of the BaByliss FX clippers, especially with its 5-dented taper control lever that clicks whenever adjusted, allowing you to track blade sizes and keeping the lever in place during haircuts.

Other clippers from BaByliss are the Pro FX 810, Volare X2, and LithiumFX. Watch out for these clippers in our BaByliss Shave Shop.

Why Go for BaByliss?

BaByliss knows hair. From its Parisian roots where the first-ever curling tong was innovated for hairstylists to the latest, cutting-edge technology they use to produce the best, high-performance professional styling tools, it has become the choice of styling and grooming experts to help them create and achieve the look customers love. It’s even been said that you won’t find a household in France without one BaByliss product.

The line of grooming products from BaByliss is a treasure for professionals. Find premium quality hair clippers, beard trimmers, foil shavers, multi-groomers, and many more to complete your arsenal of grooming products for your business. Or, if you’re the daring type who knows what look he wants to create, find the best styling tools in Alpha Hair Clinic’s BaByliss Shaver Shop.

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