Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

There’s a teeth whitening service that will give you a remarkable smile and it’s impressively done by the experts at Alpha Clinic. Truth be told, white teeth that literally sparkle are only achievable if you have all of your teeth capped. But if you want to have a smile that looks authentic and natural, you go for teeth whitening that’s performed by professionals.

The objective of teeth whitening is to lighten the colour or shade of your teeth that appear discoloured or dark. To do this, your teeth are treated with chemicals like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Dental professionals assess how much peroxide is needed to be used depending on how discoloured your teeth are. And take note, not all your teeth have the same levels of discolouration.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening should be done by experts in the field. While the usual oral prophylaxis removes dirt and stains on the teeth’s surface may be enough, your oral hygienist may inform you that intensive  whitening may be needed, especially if your teeth have been discoloured by nicotine or caffeine or have been yellowed by age.

For a quick fix, bleaching is a faster way to whiten your teeth. In-clinic bleaching involves whitening gel that is applied on the surface of the teeth. Blue light is used to activate the whitening agent to speed up the whitening process of the teeth. This process is also known as blue light whitening. One treatment can show a big difference. Many clients are encouraged by the dramatic results that they come in for further sessions.

Best Teeth Whitening

If you want to achieve the kind of whiteness you want for your teeth, then have the best whitening service that will surely make you smile…a lot! Alpha’s Teeth Whitening Service will leave you feeling fresh, clean, and ready to face the world with the best smile ever. That’s because our oral hygiene experts have years of experience in whitening you get the best advice on what kind of whitening you will need.

More than the experience of our oral hygienists, we have equipped them with the latest tools and technology in whitening. From the newest whitening solutions and gels to the latest dental curing light, you’re sure to have the best whitening experience. Expert advice and expertise at work, done in the most efficient manner. That’s what you get when you visit Alpha Clinic.

Impress with a Smile

A smile increases your face value, especially when you have an impressive set of pearly whites. It is advisable to have your whitening done once every three months, even if you don’t notice any dulling. That way, your oral hygienist can check if there are problems that can be hidden by the whitening procedure. Also, touch-ups can easily be done if needed so that when you leave the clinic, you can impress a lot of people with your beautiful smile.