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BaByliss Pro Trimmer


Upgrade to a BaByliss Pro Trimmer and feel the difference it brings to your grooming prowess. This high-quality, high-performance tool can only come from BaByliss and will be available in our BaByliss Shaver Shop soon. BaByliss is renowned for producing premium quality grooming tools for professionals that let them cut, line, outline, and clear bulk easily. With more than 50 years of creating cutting-edge products like the BaByliss Pro Trimmer, BaByliss helps professionals bring out their best works and creations to make people look their best, and feel their best.

Alpha Hair Clinic is proud to have BaByliss products like its trimmer, clipper, and clipper spray in its initial offering so you can experience how good these products are whether you’re a pro or just the type who wants to do your own grooming using the best tools around. The BaByliss Pro GoldFX Skeleton Lithium Hair Trimmer is one of the best hair trimmers from BaByliss. With a motor designed by Ferrari engineers, this BaByliss Pro Trimmer is the gold standard in fast and powerful outliners. Available in cord/cordless variants, the lithium trimmer is fitted with a high torque, brushless Ferrari-designed engine that gives you crisp edge-ups, hard lines, and other detail work that can only be possible by using this trimmer.

The BaByliss Pro Trimmer Edge

Aside from being an all-metal, cord/cordless lithium outlining hair trimmer, this BaByliss trimmer features an exposed T-blade with 360° views allowing for precise outlining and detailing. This means you can create sharp lines and fades for the effect you’re trying to achieve. Which is also made possible by the powerful and consistent 7,200 rpm high-speed Italian brushless motor. Plus, the lithium battery it comes with gives you a maximum of 120-minute runtime—that’s a lot of trimming time for you! This trimmer also has a knuckle barber grip handle for better handling when trimming. The best part of this BaByliss trimmer is its ease of use. Whether you’re a professional looking to upgrade your trimmer or a home user in search of the best grooming tool, this is the trimmer for you!

Reliability and Efficiency

These two qualities are very important for professional barbers and stylists, and even home users when it comes to the tools of the trade. And this grooming tool isn’t found lacking in that department. From the visually attractive design and solid build to its powerful performance and incredibly quiet operation, you’re getting value for money. The dealmaker here is its wireless functionality, making it easy to manoeuvre, allowing freedom of movement to achieve a clean and precise trimming without being limited by a power cord. This is reliability and efficiency embodied by one grooming tool, the BaByliss PRO Trimmer.

Why Go for BaByliss?

BaByliss knows hair. From its Parisian roots where the first-ever curling tong was innovated for hairstylists to the latest, cutting-edge technology they use to produce the best, high-performance professional styling tools, it has become the choice of styling and grooming experts to help them create and achieve the look customers love. It’s even been said that you won’t find a household in France without one BaByliss product.

The line of grooming products from BaByliss is a treasure for professionals. Find premium quality hair clippers, beard trimmers, foil shavers, multi-groomers, and many more to complete your arsenal of grooming products for your business. Or, if you’re the daring type who knows what look he wants to create, find the best styling tools in Alpha Hair Clinic’s BaByliss Shaver Shop.

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