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Alpha Hair Clinic understands the importance of grooming. That’s why we now carry BaByliss hair and beard trimmer products in our BaByliss Shaver Shop. Grooming is a very important component of self-care. More than having your appearance improved, grooming can boost your self-confidence and encourage better grooming practices. Others will respect you more if they sense that you are confident, encouraging them to do the same. While it won’t guarantee that they’ll enjoy the total package that is you, grooming may increase their level of regard for you. Keep an open mind when grooming, professional stylists and barbers are a big help and their inputs are definitely valuable, especially when it comes to the right tools to use when doing your own personal grooming.

For the initial salvo of our BaByliss Shaver Shop, Alpha Hair Clinic is delighted to have BaByliss hair and beard trimmer products like the BaByliss trimmer, clipper, and clipper spray. BaByliss has a magnificent track record of more than 50 years in developing innovative grooming products that has helped many professional barbers and stylists, and even amateurs, create a well-crafted look for their clients and for themselves. If you’re a pro or a home user who just wants the best tools available when it comes to grooming, you’d be glad to find that Alpha Hair Clinic is now offering BaByliss hair and beard trimmer goods. Now, you get to experience the excellence of BaByliss which the world has known for more than 50 years now.

Trimming the Hair

You can trim your own hair with a BaByliss hair and beard trimmer. But if you’re not up to it, you’re always welcome to any barbershop. Trim your own hair by using BaByliss clippers or a pair of hair scissors, working your way from the sides to the back and top of your head. Prep your hair by washing and shampooing it, and rinsing it thoroughly. Comb your hair to untangle knots. Dry your hair until it’s just damp enough to cut it. In front of a mirror, section your hair in parts. If you have long hair, you can use clips to hold the top away from the sides. Use BaByliss clippers to cut the back and sides by setting your clippers’ guard according to how much you want to cut off.

Trimming the Beard

Trimming the beard and moustache is now easy with any of our BaByliss products. For a full beard, you need to wash and pat it dry. Comb the beard down and out. Start trimming one side and then the other. Long beards may need to be cut with hair scissors. You can use BaByliss clippers to trim your long beard evenly to your desired length. For a closer shave, you may use BaByliss trimmers. Possibly the most important step in maintaining facial hair is grooming your moustache. Use a pair of grooming scissors to trim any hairs that are longer than the rest or that point in a different direction to maintain it looking its finest. Finally, use a beard shampoo, conditioner, or oil to clean and hydrate your beard.

Why Go for BaByliss?

BaByliss knows hair. From its Parisian roots where the first-ever curling tong was innovated for hairstylists to the latest, cutting-edge technology they use to produce the best, high-performance professional styling tools, it has become the choice of styling and grooming experts to help them create and achieve the look customers love. It’s even been said that you won’t find a household in France without one BaByliss product.

The line of grooming products from BaByliss is a treasure for professionals. Find premium quality hair clippers, beard trimmers, foil shavers, multi-groomers, and many more to complete your arsenal of grooming products for your business. Or, if you’re the daring type who knows what look he wants to create, find the best styling tools, like a BaByliss trimmer in Alpha Hair Clinic’s BaByliss Shaver Shop.

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